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Remediation Verification

Remediation concerns mitigating risks to human health, controlled waters and the environment and validating the measures implemented 

Remedial measures may be required following the findings of the Contaminated Land or Groundwater Risk Assessments, such as the need for the reduction of or removal of contaminants from the soils or groundwater beneath the site.  

ListersGeo can provide remediation advice, supervision and post remediation verification. 

Our experience has shown that the most effective remedial solution may not always involve the removal of the contamination. Other techniques involve in-situ or ex-situ methods of extracting or reducing contaminant concentrations. 

Where removal of contaminated soil is necessary, the extent and cost of excavation and disposal will be minimised through our knowledge of waste management regulations.  

Regulators require independent validation of remedial measures to verify that the work has been carried out to acceptable standards. ListersGeo will provide support at every stage of the remediation process.  

It is essential that any subsoil or topsoil imported to site as part of the remediation process is accompanied by a valid certificate of chemical testing. The testing results must be verified by a qualified consultant to ensure that the soil is suitable for use at a specific development site. 

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