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Phase II Contaminated Land & Groundwater Risk Assesments

Most geo-environmental investigations are driven by the need for the responsible and economic development of brownfield land 

ListersGeo are familiar with current guidelines and legislation requirements for contaminated land risk assessments regarding the protection to human health, controlled waters and the environment. 

For sites where the Phase I Desk Study has revealed the need for a Phase II intrusive investigation, contaminated land and groundwater investigations are designed on a site-specific basis. 

The main objectives of the Phase II investigation is to sample and test the soil, groundwater and or ground gases to prove or disprove the identified pollutant linkages in the Conceptual Model. 

The fieldwork locations and frequency of the sampling are carefully planned to optimise the investigation requirements. Samples of both soil and groundwater are selected for chemical testing for an appropriate range of contaminants specific to a particular site. 

Where there is a significant risk of ground gases migrating into proposed buildings, gas monitoring can be carried out at appropriate intervals and gas risk assessments form part of the reporting. 

The results are assessed by our consulting engineers and quantitative risk assessment determines whether remedial measures are required or not. 

As required, a remediation options appraisal is undertaken at this stage and remediation method statements are prepared.  

Liaison with the regulatory authorities is key at this early stage of a development, to prevent costly delays. ListersGeo consulting engineers have a good relationship with Local Authority Environmental Health Officers, the Environment Agency and the NHBC. 

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