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One of our Engineers was invited for a second year to give a talk on the role of geologists within society to the Lutterworth Wycliffe Rotary Club on Monday 14th January.

Members were interested to hear of the often unseen work that Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineers undertake in helping developments come to fruition.

One member even asked where the CBR test had got its name from having spent his life reading through geotechnical reports.

The picture shows our engineer Adam Jones with President John Howell and Vice President Mark Thompson.



Thank you to the staff, their families and the dogs who braved the cold on Sunday for the charity walk.
If you would like to read about the great work that The Geoff and Diannah Trust do, then please follow the link.
Also share or support as well if you can. Any help can make such a great difference to people that have so little.
Thank you again to all that came out on Sunday and to the people who have kindly supported us and The Geoff and Diannah Trust.


ListersGeo will once again be supporting The Geoff and Diannah Trust.

Please click on the link below to read the stories about the great work this charity does for the rural communities in Kenya.


We would love your support in helping The Geoff and Dinnah Trust continue their important work.




Investigating the Geological and Historical Past                  

Dealing with uncertainties in nature, and hence the ground itself, presents risks for developers, which must be offset using factors of safety in proposed designs and other remedial measures. Every site is unique and requires its own in-depth analysis to address potential development constraints due to problematic ground conditions or contaminated land.

Site investigations are key to any development. ListersGeo advise undertaking a good quality Phase 1 Desk Study as early as possible in the project. This will inform the scope of any Phase 2 Intrusive Investigation that is required.

A thorough investigation will build confidence throughout the design phase and can save money on what might otherwise be overcautious foundation and structural designs or remedial measures due to contamination. Time can also be saved along with increased sustainability from the reduction of materials required for the development.

Good quality investigation is vital in order to reduce the risks of encountering the unexpected during the groundworks phase. Appropriate desk-based study and tailored investigations will help to understand risks from geological phenomenon such as dissolution features in chalk, weak soils or ground gases and historical anthropogenic hazards resulting from industrial legacies, underground mining and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

This link is related to a recent sink hole that opened in a car park in the Brecon Beacons

The photo below shows a 250kg German Bomb that was under a cellar floor in Bethnal Green.


Photo Courtesy of MACC International Limited



This time last year, ListersGeo and Roger Coy Partnership teamed up with Wolf Watch UK and now we have returned to the Shropshire based Wolf Sanctuary to undertake some more groundworks.

At this stage, Percolation Testing was undertaken. The testing was carried out to assist with the design of a soakaway system, for the discharge from a proposed septic tank, associated with a new lodge at the site.



As you can see the views are almost as special to look at as the wolves are.



The Business times have once again written such a nice article about what we do, our passion, how the company has grown over the years and what the future holds.

We are on page 46, please have a read.



This bank holiday weekend we are sponsoring a beer barrel for the second year running at the Towcestrians Rugby Club's Annual Beer Festival.

This is the 9th year the club have put on the festival over the bank holiday weekend and it is great to see so much community spirit each year.

We hope that everyone going has a great time and please try the barrel we are sponsoring and let us know what it is like on our social media pages.




After we celebrated our 25th anniversary in February the Northants Chamber did a lovely write up on us about looking ahead to the future. 

Please follow the link below.



The beginning of 2018 has been a busy one for everyone here at listersGeo.

In February, we held belated celebrations for our 25th anniversary at the Incredible Fawsley Hall.

It was such a great evening celebrating the life of the company with its staff and some of the contractors and drillers that have been with ListersGeo from the beginning.



In March we held our annual client reception, this time at The British Motor Museum.  The client receptions are always a great way of networking and strengthening working relationships and hopefully developing new ones.

We would like to thank everyone who was able to join us and we look forward to the next one.





A big thank you to the Business Times for such a great article about our future plans.



Something exciting for us to sink our teeth into here at ListersGeo, along with Roger Coy Partnership & Wolf watch UK.




Last night’s Client Reception was a complete success!

Thank you to all the clients that could make it and to the staff here at ListersGeo. It’s so nice to be able to put names to faces and connect with people we speak to so regularly on a more personal level.

A huge thank you to the staff at The Ashmolean Museum for being so friendly and helpful with anything we needed.

Also while at the client reception we had the great pleasure of presenting a cheque to Geoff Brown, who is the Chairman of The Geoff and Diannah Charitable Trust, that ListersGeo support.

Over the last couple of months the staff here have been raffling off prizes and doing sponsored activities to help raise money for the latest campaign, which we managed to do as a company. It has been great fun and also very rewarding knowing the money is going to such an important cause.

If you would like to find any more information about what Geoff and his team do the please have a look on their website




Here at ListersGeo the charity work continues into 2017.

One of our engineers and his daughter will be taking part in The Sleep Out on Friday 27th January to raise money for the Hope Centre.

The Hope Centre works to relieve poverty and tackle causes of homelessness in Northampton by providing a Soup Kitchen and various enterprises aimed at training and giving experience, e.g., catering, PAT testing and tools repairs.

The website address for the Just Giving page is

The website address for the Hope centre is

If you would like to read, share or donate to such a good cause please follow the links above.

Wishing Lee and his daughter all the best of luck.



This year ListersGeo as a company are sponsoring ‘’The Geoff and Diannah Charitable Trust’’ in rural Kenya. The charity has already helped with water projects for twenty eight villages and schools, renovated school toilet facilities, started a cow milking project and continue to support orphans and disabled people in remote rural areas. 

This will be our first company event to help raise money for such a very good cause. A small amount of help really does go a long way in improving the lives of so many people with this charity

For more information on their work please look at their website

This December we are aiming to raise £1500 between us, that would be sufficient to help with the natural spring protection scheme for a local community, so they do not have to rely on a just a muddy hole in the ground that is being shared by the animals.

Our staff are walking, running, cycling etc around Willen Lake in Milton Keynes on Saturday 10th December.

We would greatly appreciate your help to enable us to achieve this fund raising target. Let us together do what we can to help provide people with the most basic needs of clean water and an education.

Thank you for reading and supporting

The walk was a complete success with a great turn out of staff, family and even the dogs came out to join in the fun. We have raised an amazing £625, which will help towards doing so much good for people that really need the help. 



One of our Contracts team here at ListersGeo, Chris Rigg will be taking on the 3 Peak Challenge for The Brain Trust on the 3rd of July. We would like to wish him all the best and if anyone else would like to support then please follow the link and read his story.




We would like to say massive congratulations to the newest member of the Site & Laboratory Team, Robb.  Over the weekend Robb did a Skydive at Hinton Skydiving Centre for Cancer Research. He raised £230 for such a great cause. 


ListersGeo are proud to be sponsors of The Geoff and Diannah Charitable Trust

Please follow this link to find out more