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Ground Investigations

We offer a combined approach to the geotechnical and contaminated land aspects of a development, which ensures a cost effective solution to both foundation design and regulatory requirements. 

Ground Investigations are undertaken in accord with current best practice and in accordance with British Standard guidance BS:5930 and BS:10175.  

Geotechnical laboratory testing is undertaken in our own in-house soils engineering laboratory, Ground Tech Laboratories Limited.  

Chemical contamination testing is undertaken by an MCERTS and UKAS accredited chemical testing laboratory that can provide a fast and reliable turnaround of results. 

Ground investigations are undertaken to provide information to aid construction design and thereby minimise the risk of over designed schemes, construction delays and spiralling project costs. The ground investigation enables a quantitative geo-environmental contaminated land risk assessment to be undertaken when appropriate. 

We can help you clearly identify and understand the geo-environmental risks and liabilities associated with buying or selling land for future development.  

We can investigate land which is potentially classed as contaminated under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act, which requires specialist investigation and liaison with the regulators. 

We can also help you with regulatory monitoring and compliance, geo-environmental audits and due diligence to help minimise any financial and legal liability. 

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