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Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical investigations incorporate in-situ testing and on-site sampling together with laboratory testing to determine the engineering properties of the soils and assess the stability of the ground 

ListersGeo are experienced with a large variety of intrusive investigative techniques to assess ground conditions suitable for a wide range of developments from housing, commercial and industrial developments to high rise buildings with basements. Site work and reporting are undertaken in accordance with BS:5930 and also comply with Eurocode 7. 

The equipment used ranges from hand held tools to large rotary drilling rigs and excavators, depending upon the size of the new building and the access. A combination of testing is undertaken using in-situ techniques during the fieldwork and also on soil samples taken back to our laboratory. The tests are used to provide a range of soil parameters including strength, density, plasticity, volume change potential, soil suction, compressibility and permeability. 

We utilise this information to evaluate the following: 

  • Foundation Design Parameters 

  • Pavement Design 

  • Basement Design Parameters 

  • Retaining Wall Design Parameters 

  • Slope Stability Assessments 

  • Evaluation of Dissolution Features 

  • Soil Infiltration Rates 

  • Depth of Soil Desiccation  

Geotechnical and contamination investigations are usually combined to utilise the equipment when on site and to save the client costs.  

ListersGeo invest in specialist site equipment and our trained Site Technicians can undertake various Insitu tests including dynamic plate tests to provide an equivalent CBR, as required by many Local Authorities and the Highways Agency.

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